Dizin Ski Complex

The Largest Ski resort in Middle Earth

Dizin is the most important ski resort in Iran and the Middle East, which is situated in the Alborz province. Dizin is the first ski resort in Iran which has been approved by the International Skiing Federation for the holding of official competitions, and has attained an international title. This ski resort is accessible via Shemshak and Chalous Road. Dezin is comprised of 23 ski slopes, and numerous recreation facilities of which 2 hotels, 19 huts, and 5 restaurants are part. Furthermore, the ideal winter weather (-20 degrees centigrade) with frequent sunny days and the pleasant summer weather (20 degrees centigrade) has transformed Dizin to a rare winter and summer tourist village in the Middle East. The recreation activities in the Dizin complex are not limited to snow skiing which takes place from early Azar to late Ordibehesht. In the year 1372, the construction of the Dizin grass skiing resort began, enabling this complex to accommodate athletes and visitors in all seasons. In other areas of Dizin, activities such as mountain biking, archery, hang gliding etc., are available, and tourists visit the botanic gardens and rare species of mountain plants.
Faradid Honar Advertising Company initiated its activities in the area of environmental advertising in Dizin ski resort in 1382, and is currently recognised as its exclusive administrator.

  • Services provided by Faradid Honar Co in this complex include: Billboards
    Hosting exclusive and festival competitions
    Provision of vehicle show case space
    Sampling stands
    Advertisements on the back of chair lifts
    Advertisements on the front and back of personnel jackets
    Advertisements on cabins


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