Enghelab Complex

The Largest Sport Complex in Iran

Engelab Sports and Cultural Complex (Enghelab Club) was established in 1337. Considering its geographical location, this complex enjoys the clean air in the north of Tehran.
The southern entrance of this complex leads to Niayesh Highway, its western entrance to Seoul Ave., and the northern entrance to the International Exhibition Centre. With an area of close to one million square meters, half of which is covered in greenery and half of which consists of various indoor and outdoor sporting areas, is one of the most prominent sports complexes in Iran and the Middle East. This complex currently hosts 12,000 people on a daily basis. It also provides its members with the most comprehensive facilities for a variety of sports. Some of the other unique facilities of this complex, aimed at fulfilling the needs of its members, include its shops and food courts such as DID Market (Super Market), Apple Store (idid), carwash, sports shops, and etc.

Given the exceptional facilities and geographical location of Engelab Sports Complex, its members are comprised of individuals from high social status and class, namely: capitalists, industrialists, prominent artistic and athletic figures, academics and politicians.

Faradid Honar Advertising Company, initiated its activities in the field of environmental advertising in 1381 and is currently known as its exclusive administrator. In this regard, this company has built and installed numerous billboards, light boxes, kiosks, and also dedicated sampling space in order for various industries to benefit from advertising.

Forms of media used by Faradid Honar in Engelab Sports Complex include:

  • Billboards
  • Double-sided light boxes on the health trail
  • Light boxes for the fitness equipment on the health trail
  • Sampling stands
  • Sampling stalls
  • Vehicle exhibition space



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