Tehran International Exhibition

The most-important exhibition advertising area in Iran

The Tehran International Exhibition, which is located in the North of the city, on Chamran highway, in the southeast vicinity of Shahid Beheshti University, is the country’s most important venue for events, hosting approximately 70 exhibitions every year which accommodate participants from all over Iran and the whole world.
The establishment of Iran International Exhibition Co. goes back to the year 1338. After the allocation of exhibition venues in the current location in 1346, the construction of exhibition halls and offices began, and in 1348 the company held its first international exhibition, called The Asian Exhibition, for 21 days with the presence of 21 participating countries. Afterwards the process by which exhibitions were held developed and introduced Tehran as one of the world’s exhibition centres.
In 1355, exhibition companies became members of the Global UFI Association. Moreover, they are also members of BIE which is responsible for the hosting of Expo exhibitions around the world.
Tehran International Exhibition has three entrances, of which the south and south- western entrances are from Seoul Street, and the northern entrance is from Chamran Highway. With consideration to this issue, Faradid Honar Advertising Company has bought 17 billboards along the routes taken by, and visible to, visitors on the main road leading to the main entrance of the exhibition, in order to allocate them to the respective customers.

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