Tehran Media

The Biggest City & The Capital

Our surrounding environment influences us and others.
Our daily workplace and the space that we have designated to the presentation of our services and business, has a tremendous effect on ensuring our success and increasing our sales.
Having a workplace well-suited to the type of business and the temperament of personnel will have a profound effect on the ever-increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the entity.
With complete awareness and realization of this issue, the Architecture and Interior Design department of ‘Faradid Honar’ has focused on the creation of designs aimed at increasing the growth and appeal of your business.
Environmental advertising always generates a creative atmosphere which can form a suitable infrastructure for the introduction of products and services, and/or the improvement of a brand’s status.
Among other means of advertising, billboards enjoy the highest number of viewers. Billboards in a city such as Tehran, with frequent passersby from all walks of life during most hours of the day, are considered the most viewed environmental form of media. A billboard can be so creative and eye-catching that a viewer may spend several minutes contemplating the underlying idea embedded in the billboard. Large corporations use such an environment to engage the minds of their viewers with their products and services.

Golestan Chai
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