Common Mistakes in Advertisement good pieces to read

It has been seen many times that managers of advertising agencies are unhappy of ineffective results and lack of a proper return on their promotional actions while, they have spent exorbitant costs in the introduction and promotion. Here in order to increase the efficiency of advertising policies, we examine 10 outlined major mistakes that must be refused to commit.

1) Efforts to achieve momentary goals and temporary happiness
Generally those ads that are designed and executed on temporary policy basis for the purpose of immediate reaction by the people are forgotten quickly as soon as the specified period in the proposed scheme expires.
This is the fact that some corporate managers and advertising executors rather than spending sufficient time for the publication of their advertising items and attempt to gain efficiency, try to achieve optimal returns in the least time. While usually the horizons of advertising executers’ vision and needs and expectations differs from what is happening in the mind of customers.

2) Trying to attract more people, regardless of the resultant profits
In order to apply an effective combination of media each of the components in combination must create a stable and pleasant mentality with their right repetition. However, often in applying media combination the wrong action of achieving a large number of audiences with insufficient repeat is implemented.

3) The business owners claim of their full realization of all to know
Generally, executives and business owners with such a view become unable to gradually become unable to understand the position and their company’s way of function and their products from the perspective of outside of area public opinion. In such circumstances, the director of the collection looks to the outside world and what’s going on from the inside and try to describe himself for the person who is behind the walls and looks at the company. While it is better that instead of staying inside the institution and look out, assume himself out of the institute and evaluate and judge the issues by looking inside.
4) duplicated and baseless claims
Advertisers often claim that they are looking for something that the client would like with platitudes and tiresome mottos, such as the highest quality and the lowest price, but never present any pragmatic action and evidence to support their claim. While they must have faith in what they have say. Therefore, if you do not offer information and innovative perspectives of the product and services in the ads produced and published, look for its negative consequences and results.

5) Inappropriate use of blunt and non driving media
Blunt and non penetrating media such as some newspapers and yellow pages in are often used when buyers are looking for something to buy.

Therefore such media due to their nature are unable encourage customers without previous invitation before establishing needs, therefore, are used less in order to create atmosphere and provide the necessary conditions for introducing and selling products and services. While the use of penetrating media such as radio and television conquer customers’ heart before presence in the market and the need and demand from their side.

6) Ad production instead of planned ad campaign struggle

This is a stupid idea if we deem an ad itself can tell the whole story, if you have such an idea the most effective and memorable ads acts like acts like a hippo that pushed only on a pint of the adverse. While an advertiser with 17 categories and different element to recite must provide at least one project in the form of advertising struggle with a mixture of at least 17 different ad contents to penetrate the message by repeating each of them in the minds of customers and strengthen and improve its consistency.
7) Over evaluation to qualitative targets
Many advertising executives and media professionals ascribe too much value for the quality and the type of personality of their audience. While the destructive effect of wrong statements and false claims on advertising competition is more than incorrect target attraction and non target groups. When you see so many people that join our target group by our accurate and realistic statements, we will definitely come to the conclusion that always respect the truth and do not exit the way of integrity and balance of our statements.

8) Over production of advertisements without attention to the persuading and convincing reflections
Many of the ads that are generated and released instead of having aspects of persuasion and convincing, more attention is paid to their aspects of innovation and creativity in producing them. Ads with the dodgy, funny, seductive and yet creative effects are produced and distributed do not have a profound effect and can not seek to play the role of the ads that have aspects of faith, memorable, informative, teaching and encouraging.

9) Confusion in audience reaction with the results of advertising

The target of advertisement is explaining the position and introducing the capabilities of your company and making necessary enlightenment about your unique condition and circumstances in terms of sell. Unfortunately, many of advertisement executors consider just hearsay and recommendations received from the people and their environment as the basis for advertising evaluation and produce the ad on the basis of such judgment and vision. In fact, when you are affected by a mental clutter we confuse the results of our ad actions with audience reactions. So as to compensate and attract more audience we go for producing ads that have nothing to say.

10) Marketing based on special opportunities and occasions
Positions and special occasions should be judged based on their ability to help you define your market position clearly and prove and demonstrate your claims. If one percent of people who have heard your ad in relation to a special occasion and have shown positive reaction and decided to come to the ceremony, you should try to collect people with bus from different stations around the city. Then, your real investment and focus continues to be on the remaining 99%. What do you think about the problem and what have you the shared with them in your ad that they have not made an appropriate response to your invitation?

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