Interactive Advertisement effective advertisement

Swiss climber gives free tickets to the public in an interactive billboard
“Graubunden” tourism institution in Sweden and “Jong von Matt” advertising agency are famous due to their smart interactive masterpieces in order to advertise for a remote mountainous area. This cooperation during past years resulted in an international friendship museum and a global Facebook page for a small village in mountain.
This year’s campaign is a little closer to home and through a series of interactive posters targets stressful passengers in a train station in Zurich. In this poster a real climber in the mountain “Graubunden” can see people and talk to them. This man with a rough but friendly face, from mountain village “Vrin” in “Lumnezia” valley invites passers-by to visit the area in the afternoon the same day. He even volunteers to talk to their teachers or managers to explain them a good excuse. If confirmed by the passersby, the display issues a printed ticket. In this stage, people are to train the next platform.

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